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Zip Line Canopy Tour vs. High Ropes Excursion

You made the decision to get outside and have an adventure. Are you looking for a thrill or a challenge? Choose the Zip Line Canopy Tour, and you are in for a thrill. Pick the High Ropes Excursion and expect to test your endurance. Both offer an adventure of a lifetime creating memorable moments. A breakdown of both options will help make the decision a little easier to select one or the other – OR maybe both!

Zip Line Canopy Tour

One of 8 Zip Lines

Let’s start with the Zip Line Canopy Tour. The main focus is on zip lining with 8 different zip lines starting with “The Butterfly”, a short, low to the ground zip. As you progress through the course, the zips gradually get longer and taller. Sky bridges & spiral staircases help elevate you to higher platforms, all built in the trees. The highest platform is 70 feet and the longest zip line on the course is “The Beast” at 841 feet taking you to speeds of up to 35 mph. Once you zip your first zip on the Canopy Tour, your feet won’t touch the ground until the very end.

The Canopy Tour averages 2.5-hours long which literally flies by and is truly an adventure for all ages. Kids weighing 70+ lbs are able to participate and we encourage active seniors to join in on the fun making it one of the most family friendly adventures around. Our oldest participant so far has been 93 years young! If you can climb a flight of stairs and are able to raise your arm above your head to apply pressure for stopping, you are good to go! There are minimal strength or agility requirements on the Canopy Tour as it is more about the thrill of zipping from one platform to the next. Even the sky bridges and spiral staircases are stable with solid or rope railings and do not require additional dexterity.

Sky Bridge
Sky Bridge
One of 8 Zip Lines
One of 8 Zip Lines
One-of-a-Kind “Floating” Double Helix stairway
One-of-a-Kind “Floating” Double Helix stairway
“The Butterfly” – Your First Zip

High Ropes Excursion

Rope Walk

What exactly is the High Ropes Excursion then? Think of it being an obstacle course – in the trees! 16 different elements are suspended in the air, connected to platforms elevated in the trees up to 45-50 feet high. You have seen the “Olympic Rings” on a playground I’m sure – now try them high in the air. How about climbing across the “Cargo Net” or walking the wire with the help of the “Monkey Tails”? The new “Plank Walk” is quickly becoming one of the more popular elements on the course. The best part of the High Ropes is that you can pick and choose which elements you would like to do and you can also come down to the ground when you are ready.

Choose the High Ropes Excursion and you will get a 2-hour adventure which is a true challenge. It tests you physically and mentally. Each obstacle requires you to think about your next move, where to place your feet, what to grab onto, in addition to mapping out a plan in your head on how to get across to the other side. Balance, strength and agility are essential. If a miss-step occurs and you lose your footing (don’t worry, you are ALWAYS clipped in with a safety harness), you would need to pull yourself back up. If you have the strength to do this, then you should have no problems on the High Ropes Excursion.

Plank Walk

Cargo Net

Olympic Rings

Swinging Logs

You have made the decision to get outside and have an adventure – Do you want a thrill or a challenge?

Choose between the Zip Line Canopy Tour and the High Ropes Excursion. Either way, you’ll have a blast!

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