Donation Requests

Lake Geneva Ziplines & Adventures is happy to support those in our community who do so much to serve others.  We routinely donate gift certificates for one Full Zipline Tour to use as raffle prizes, silent auction items, and more.

What You Need to Know

Often the volume of requests exceeds our ability to fulfill them and therefore we have created the following guidelines.

  • We prioritize requests from organizations based in or serving the region in which we operate,  Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois
  • We prioritize requests from organizations that have non-profit status as determined by the IRS
  • We ask that organizations that have received a donation from us previously wait at least 18 months before making a new request

How it Works

  • All requests must be submitted through our Donation Request Form – donations will not be issued based on phone call or email requests
  • Once received, each request will be reviewed and if we are able to fulfill the request, you will be sent a gift certificate and donation flyer
  • Please allow at least a week for your request to be reviewed

Donation Request Form

    If yes, we ask organizations to limit their requests to no more than one donation every 18 months as we receive hundreds of requests per year While we would like to fulfill all requests, we simply cannot do so. Therefore, we ask that you help us provide donations to as many worthy organizations as possible by following the above policy.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.