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Why You Should #OptOutside…Even in the Cold!

A major epidemic has swept the nation around Thanksgiving the last several years. Its name? #OptOutside. Made famous by REI, this trendy campaign is more than a hashtag; it’s a lifestyle statement.

Instead of waiting in long lines and braving the mad rush of retail stores on Black Friday (and even Thanksgiving), hundreds of thousands of people are choosing to spend time outside.

The reason being? They know that getting active is not only good for their waistline but also for their overall health and wellbeing.

You may be thinking, “That sounds great, but I’m not an outdoorsy person,” or “I just don’t like the cold.” That’s okay.

There are many ways to get outside, exercise, and have fun with little to no experience…even in chilly temperatures. It’s important to keep in mind the numerous health benefits that getting in touch with nature can provide.

1) Show Seasonal Depression the Door

Do you get uncharacteristically gloomy and tired during the winter months? Studies show that regular exercise and sunlight exposure can drastically improve your mood throughout the cold times of the year.

Rather than accepting a grumpy fate and retreating indoors, why not #OptOutside? Take your dog on more regular walks, or grab your family/friends for more social activities.

If you like to move a bit faster, hit the ski slopes around Lake Geneva, or come visit us at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours. It’s true that we rarely see a frown on our 1,200 ft. racing zip line…

#OptOutside on our thrilling racing zip line

2) Keep Your Workouts Interesting

Even if you normally stay active during the winter, it pays to head outdoors. One of the key elements in both muscle training and cardio is exercise variety.

Switch things up and activate new muscle groups by cross country skiing, mountain biking, or taking on our challenging high ropes course.

Discovering new methods of pushing ourselves is one of the best ways to break out of a rut or renew your motivation. It’s time to swap the treadmill for the trail!

3) Break Your Cabin Fever

You may have also experienced a prolonged sense of monotony, once the temps head south of the 40s – especially by February. This results in binge watching Netflix and snacking out of pure boredom, neither of which have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

Instead of begrudgingly heading to the bowling alley, recruit a group of friends to take a refreshing hike outside. Bring your camera and a thermos of your favorite heated beverage to enhance your time in the open air.

#OptOutside with a Winter Hike at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours

You’ll find that winter hiking can be a truly magical endeavor with gorgeous scenery and very little foot traffic, even on trails that would be crowded during the summer or fall. 

4) Try Something Completely New

Be brave. There’s a big, beautiful world out there to explore!

Use #OptOutside as an opportunity to cross something off of your bucket list or to test out a new hobby. This could mean ice fishing, snowshoeing, or winter camping?

Chances are, if you enjoy something under frosty conditions, you’ve found something genuinely enjoyable. Our suggestion (of course) is to experience a zip line canopy tour after a fresh snowfall.

The winter tours across 9 zip lines, 5 suspended bridges, and 3 spiral staircases are unlike any other time of year. Without the crowds, you can engage with the serenity of the woods and more easily appreciate nature’s splendor.

No matter how you #OptOutside, be sure to dress for the weather

When making your way outdoors, it’s vital to bundle up. You’ll be engaging with the weather for an extended period of time, so ensure your comfort with an old backpacking tip and dress in layers.

This versatile method allows you to shed or add a layer to warm up or cool down, depending on preference. You should actually enjoy your time outside, after all, and that’s tough to do if you’re cold and shivering.

#OptOutside with us at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours

If you’re in the area and would like to explore our 100-acre wooded property, we’d love to have you. Come join us on a variety of thrilling, year-round eco-adventures, from hiking, biking, and zip lining to high ropes excursions and team building events. It’s all outside!

Cozy up inside our Welcome Center

Of course, we also have a cozy Welcome Center fitted with a large stone fireplace, warm beverages, and comfortable seating when you’re ready to thaw out.

If you’re interested, learn more about our exciting experiences, or give us a call to check availability: 262-248-9271.

See you outside!