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Improve Mind, Body & Spirit – #OptOutside

Imagine our excitement when we heard about the #OptOutside campaign driven by REI’s announcement they are closing on Black Friday.  As an outdoor adventure center our ultimate goal is to get people outdoors and among nature.  REI’s belief that “being outside makes our lives better” is also our belief at LGCT.

With the connection to the natural world getting lost in today’s society of technology, consumerism and self-indulgence the #OptOutside campaign couldn’t come at a better time.  The simple act of getting outdoors and taking a walk or riding a bike invigorates mind, body and spirit in countless ways.


  • Are you someone who “needs” that cup of coffee to get you going in the morning? Ditch the coffee and go outside for a walk instead.  20 minutes can wake you up just as much as a single cup of coffee, plus it’s FREE!
  • Need to come up with a creative pitch for a presentation? Walking helps clear the mind and prompts creativity.  Get up from your desk and take a walk.  By the time you sit down again, the ideas will be flowing.
  • Has ADHD affected your ability to focus? Exposure to outdoor settings has shown reductions of ADHD symptoms.  A simple dose of nature can be the best medicine.


  • The most obvious benefit to getting outside is exercise but did you know how easy it is to burn calories? (Calories burned based on 130lb person. Source: Dept. of Health & Family Services, State of WI)
    • Leisure biking <10 mph = 236
    • Walking the dog = 207
    • Hiking = 354
    • Snow shoeing = 472
  • Infuse your body with Vitamin D! A minimum of 10 minutes outdoors is all it takes to help strengthen bones, protect against heart disease and diabetes, improve neuromuscular function plus so much more.
  • Want to help avoid or prolong the need for “cheaters”? Give your eyes a rest from the computer and/or TV.  When you are outdoors more time is spent viewing objects at a distance.  This provides a ‘stop’ signal to block nearsightedness progression.


  • Looking to be more then who you are? Nature has the simple effect of making you a nicer person.  Being outside fosters social interactions in addition to sparking a value for community and creating stronger relationships through various activities.  Make ‘nice’ an epidemic simply by getting outside.
  • Is stress starting to affect other aspects of your life? Just see more green.  The color green stimulates the pituitary gland, relaxes muscles and calms the soul.  Nature’s green can literally melt stress away.
  • Feeling a little melancholy? Explore the outdoors.  As little as five minutes of outside activity offers more benefits then inside activity according to a review of research published in the journal Extreme Physiology & Medicine in 2013.  When active, endorphins are boosted; these naturally elicit sensations of pleasure improving self-esteem and reducing feelings of depression, anger and tension.   Let nature bring a smile to your face.

rei-optoutside (Hiking)With all this said, we thought we would make it easier for you to #OptOutside by providing FREE access to our Arbor Trails on Black Friday!

Hike or Mountain Bike on almost 9-miles offering levels for beginner, intermediate & experts.  The Arbor Trails are unpaved and built around the trees using the natural topography.  Join us at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours and #OptOutside on Black Friday!

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