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High Ropes: Our Largest Platform Yet!

Each day our construction team brings you one step closer to living boldly and escaping the ground on our newly enhanced High Ropes course! We are ecstatic to show off the four new platforms we’ve completed, including the largest platform built in LGZA history! We are particularly excited about this one because it will be the first platform following the course entrance off the ground, giving our guests space to adjust to increased elevation, and press on to our course’s thrilling elements. No matter your comfortability with heights, we are looking forward to accommodating you with the perfect balance between challenge, thrill, and comfort.

What’s next for our build crew? We will be continuing with one more platform at ground level, the course entrance, and then it’s time to move forward with cables and brand new originally designed and crafted elements. Get ready to adventure big as we move closer and closer to the grand reopening of our custom built High Ropes course!