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High Ropes: Grand Re-opening!

Check out our recently remodeled High Ropes Course with 17 total elements! We have 5 brand new elements and 5 new platforms including our largest tree platform yet! All designed and constructed by the LGZA team, our newest elements include:

1.) 17’ canoe, suspended mid-air between two of our lower elevation platforms: 

Retired from the water, this upcycled boat has found its new home among the trees! Choose your adventure, wobbling your way across while balancing on the sides, a steady walk through the center, or find your fun seated mid-boat! Our airborne canoe makes for a great spot to sit and relax, and is an incredibly unique photo opportunity as well! 

2.) Three horizontal climbing panels consisting of both rocks and cutouts:

The rocks and cutouts that make up this thrilling new element give you a few options to challenge yourself as you make your way across. To move across with ease, use everything available; With a combination of cutout shapes, fixed rocks, and the foot cable between panels, you’ll make your way across this element as efficiently as possible. If the boundaries need a little pushing, eliminate use of the foot cable. More challenging yet, try to make it to the next platform using only the rocks! This is a great element to start off with, placed directly off of the largest beginning platform, and a great element to return to to earn your thrills! 

3.) Our longest element to date, 60’ of nautical grapevines:

Expand your horizons maneuvering across a 60’ foot cable through locally salvaged items you’d find at the lake! These items include a row boat ore, lifeguard doughnut, boat bumpers, canoe paddles and buoys. There is no swimming involved, although our “sky lifeguard” guides are here to rescue you if you fall overboard!

4.) The classic tightrope, with overhead hand rope:

Add this classic to your adventure collection as you test your balance, crossing a standard foot cable, with an overhead rope to reach for support. But don’t be fooled, the slack in the overhead rope leaves lots of room to wobble, making a seemingly easier obstacle a significant part of your extraordinary outdoor experience.

5.) 50’ hands-free sky bridge:

Never settle for the ordinary; go no hands! This extraordinary element is built similarly to the sky bridge at the course entrance, but with a much more challenging twist: there’s nothing to hang on to! Well, almost nothing… This is another great element to either challenge or accommodate your comfort level as you have the option to cross hands-free or hang on to those lanyards for a little extra support. This one’s tricky, but what’s life without a little adventure?

Thanks for reading about our High Ropes course! We have worked hard all winter to bring you more unforgettable adventures that we hope to share with you soon. You can only go up from here! 

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