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Bundle Up! What to Wear for Winter Activities in Wisconsin

With Fall coming to a very slow stop, this year, we’ve enjoyed some excellent (un-Winter-like) weather. We have had the chance to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and do some hiking…or yard work…or a zip line canopy tour.

It’s a shame, since we’ve been blessed with such great weather, that soon we will go back inside our homes and be cooped up for the next several months, slowly losing what little sanity we had when Winter began. But what if we had another choice?

Luckily, we do! There are plenty of exciting and relaxing ways to stay active in the outdoors…even during the colder months. Here are some tips to stay warm and toasty, while enjoying all that Winter has to offer:


Layer Up!

One of the best ways to stay cozy on a cold day is to dress in layers. With the right layering, our high ropes course can be an exciting challenge, during the Winter months. Start with a light base layer. This could be long underwear or sporty spandex material…you choose.

Next, add a medium-weight, warm middle layer. Think sweatshirts, insulated vests, or fleece sweaters. Don’t forget about warm socks!

Finally, cap off your toasty wardrobe with good boots, a waterproof hooded jacket, mittens/gloves, and a warm hat. If you happen to forget these layering tips, don’t worry. Snow bibs are provided for Winter adventurers at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours.

Material Matters

Not everyone realizes that it’s not what you wear, it’s what you’re wearing is made from. Especially in snowy weather, when you’re likely to encounter moisture, staying dry is important to outdoor comfort. Make sure to seek out clothing that is water-proof or moisture-wicking for base layers and boots.

Moisture-wicking material repels water, causing it to absorb into your top layers, which are easier to take off. Water-proof boots are also essential to keeping your socks, and your feet, warm and dry. Layering up, with the right materials on a sunny, Winter day, makes for an awesome zip line tour.

Bring Spares

Especially in the sock and glove department, you should always have a few pairs with you. In the odd chance that your gloves or socks become wet, you’ll be glad you brought along dry replacements. This will ensure your hands and feet can remain toasty and avoid discomfort in cold temperatures. 

Utilize RentalsRedfeather Snowshoes

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, or a casual adventurer, renting outdoor equipment can be a great way to test whether an activity is right for you. I mean, you wouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars, only to find out you don’t enjoy snowshoeing, would you?

At Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, we provide Redfeather brand snowshoes (made in La Crosse, WI) for rent or purchase, so you can try before you buy!

Try Something New

Have you been zip lining before? How about Winter zip lining? Most people we meet assume that zip line tours and high ropes courses are seasonal, but that’s not the case. These activities can be enjoyed year-round and are a great way to break out of Winter boredom.

If you’re looking for other ways to get outside (that don’t involve heights), we also have approximately 9 miles of hiking/biking trails for you to explore.

Zip Line Snow Angel


Ready to give Winter activities a shot? Reserve your spot today and become a true trailblazer. You’ll be glad you did!