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Winter in Lake Geneva? What is there to do?

What’s there to do in Lake Geneva during the winter months? It’s a fair question. Lake Geneva is known for its summer tourism. Between the lake, the shopping, and the resorts…how can you pass up such a sunny, summer paradise?

But those same things – the lake, the shopping, and the resorts – are exactly what make Lake Geneva an amazing winter getaway as well!

First: Where do I stay?

Lake Geneva has a great selection of hotels and resorts to satisfy your craving for winter comfort. Whether you’re interested in a romantic room for two or a suite for the whole family, the towns surrounding Geneva Lake can accommodate your stay with class.

Find out more about our lodging partners.

Next: What can I do in the winter?

Now, this is an easy one. There’s so much to do in Lake Geneva in the wintertime!

Winter Zip Line in Lake Geneva

Of course, you should start by crossing something off your bucket list. How about zip lining through a winter canopy of natural beauty?

Even if you’ve zip lined with us before, Winter is an entirely new experience. It’s calmer, quieter, and the world seems to stop as you cruise down the lines. Our experienced (and entertaining) guides ensure your safety while providing a one-of-a-kind tour. Just remember to bundle up!

Plus, with over 9-miles of snowy paths to explore, you can walk or ride among the pines on our Arbor Trails. Rent/purchase a pair of snowshoes, or bring along a fat tire bike, to experience a much needed day in nature.

Winter Snowshoeing in Lake Geneva

And we haven’t even mentioned our high ropes course! Our guides take you into the trees to try your skills on sixteen fun and challenging obstacles. It takes strategy…and a bit of luck! Bring both, and our guides will help you with the rest.

But enough about us. There are plenty of great options to enjoy around town, in addition to zip lining adventures. See for yourself.

Also: Where should I eat?

Or is the question: Where shouldn’t you eat? Either way, you’ll be stumped with so many great Lake Geneva restaurants at your disposal. There’s a nice variety of diners, cafés, sit-down, and family restaurants to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites.

Finally: How soon should I come back?

Almost any time of year can be pleasant in a town like Lake Geneva, but summer is by far the most popular. The main advantage of winter is you can skip the crowds, providing more opportunities to enjoy the quiet, magical moments to be found here.

So, to answer that question, we’ll ask one of our own – which Lake Geneva would you prefer? The electric, bustling town of summer or the frosty wonderland of winter? Either way, you really can’t go wrong!