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Zip Lining – An Adventure For All Ages

A question we get asked on a regular basis is, “Am I too old to zip line?” The answer is – no, absolutely not. Age really has nothing to do with being able to have a great time on the Zipline Canopy Tour. The oldest guest to zip through the trees with us was 92!

Let’s talk facts – LGCT’s Zipline Canopy Tour is up to 2.5 hours long, which includes basic instruction in our personalized Ground School. Each guest is provided the opportunity to test out their new skills on a short, low to the ground zip line prior to heading to the course. Here you are shown where to place your hands and how to stop yourself by gently using one hand on the line (gloves are provided for all guests). If you can comfortably reach above your head and apply a gentle pressure, you have mastered ground school!

Ground School

In addition to eight zip lines, LGCT’s Canopy Tour also includes five skybridges and four spiral stairways. Guests are double clipped in throughout the entire tour regardless of zipping, walking the skybridges or ascending the spiral stairways to eliminate any risks. The highest stairway is LGCT’s one-of-a-kind double helix at 40 feet. If you are able to walk up an average flight of stairs, the double helix will be a breeze.

A few basic health guidelines that may prevent participation are existing heart, leg, arm and/or back problems limiting physical ability. We do ask that medical conditions of any kind, which limit physical activity, be brought to our attention prior to any tour.

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The main thing to remember – you don’t have to be Jack LaLanne to check zip lining off your bucket list! It’s become common knowledge that even minimal physical activity provides many health benefits. It’s also not a secret that an adventurous spirit energizes the brain. This is true for any age making zip lining an adventure not just for the young but for all the young at heart!