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Tips and Tools for a Great Ziplining Tour

Excited about your upcoming ziplining tour but unsure what to expect? This blog is going to give you a comprehensive look at what will happen and what to wear so you can make the most of your ziplining experience.

What Should I Wear?

This is a common question. You will be strapping on a harness, so you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. Also make sure you check the weather report and dress accordingly. Tennis shoes are suggested as closed toe and secure heel shoes are required on the course. Short shorts and skirts are not recommended. You’ll want to leave your jewelry and valuables at home. Long hair should be tied back.

What Should I Expect?

You should arrive 30 minutes prior to tour start time. This allows the LGCT staff adequate time for check-in. Participants who arrive late will not be permitted to join their tour if it has already left the LGCT Welcome Center, and refunds will not be given. Your group and tour guides will leave as scheduled. Click here for cancellation policy.

Participants are required to weigh between 35 and 300 lbs for the High Ropes Excursion and between 70 and 250 lbs for Zip Line Canopy Tour. This is strictly enforced, and all participants are weighed at check-in. Participants should be 5 years old and up for the High Ropes Excursion and 7 years and up for the Zip Line Canopy Tour. All children under the age of 16 are to be accompanied by an adult. If you are coming with a group, there must be 1 adult per 7 youth. All participants must sign a Waiver of Release and participants under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Participants should be in good health. You must be able to traverse sky bridges on foot and climb spiral stairways throughout the course. Participants will not be permitted to zip under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or impairing prescription drugs. Medical conditions of any kind that limit physical activity must be brought to the attention of the LGCT prior to the tour. Pregnant women will not be allowed to participate.

Can I Take Pictures?

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours offers their Digital Photography Package at $25. The Digital Photo Package can be purchased by phone or in person at the Lake Geneva Canopy Tour Welcome Center. Please contact LGCT at (262) 248-9271.

Your tour guides are equipped with a digital camera. Throughout your tour, the guides will take posed digital photographs at predetermined locations. At the end of your tour, before you even have a chance to de-gear, your photos are ready to view and purchase. All of the digital photos from your tour will be handed to you on a flash drive to share with friends and family, Tweet, post on Facebook or print at any photo kiosk.

Participants are welcome to bring their own GoPro Action Camera for use on the course or their own camera with a strap. This is at your own risk as they can easily be dropped and break. Lake Geneva Canopy Tours and/or any Lake Geneva Canopy Tour staff cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to a participant’s GoPro Action Camera or other recording equipment.

All of the digital photos you receive are taken at the 16 MP level and are suitable for emailing to friends, sharing on social media and producing up to 5″ x 7″ prints. Remember taking photos “on the fly” is not as easy as it looks, especially with simple “point and shoot” cameras. We do not take “zipping photos.” Our Sky Guides take great photos, but are best at minimizing your risk while you are on tour. If you are looking to capture a special moment, we recommend you consider bringing your own professional photographer along with you on your tour. Just be sure to let us know so we can allow for the extra time that is usually necessary.

You can also rent a GoPro camera in the gift shop for $35, and take home an amazing souvenir from your adventure at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours. Here’s a short example of the kind of footage you can capture.

Be prepared for an amazing experience! If you have any questions, please call Lake Geneva Canopy Tours at (262) 248-9271 or visit