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Summer Vacation: Make It Your Adventure

The smell of fresh cut grass, beach towels hanging over lawn chairs, flip flops lined up at the door PLUS the local community calendar is filled with every kind of festival you can think of – these are all signs summer is finally upon us.  Summer means baseball games, picnics and playing hooky from work when the sunshine is calling your name.

Since school is out, summer also becomes the most popular time to plan a vacation.  Trying to decide where to go and what to do can be fun or agonizing depending on who you ask.  Making the most of the short mid-west summers can also be a challenge.  Here are a few things to think about when planning your vacation.

One of a Kind “Floating” Double Helix Stairway
  1. Make it memorable – A story that resonates enough to be told years later is always accompanied by a smile.
  2. Be adventurous – Do something you have never done before. It will make you courageous – and cool!
  3. Strive for quality instead of quantity – Don’t try to fit too much in. A little down time in between keeps everyone relaxed, happy and ready for the next excursion.
  4. Discuss being present and focused on each other and your surroundings before you travel – Social media will still be there when you get home – we promise.
  5. Experience local hot spots AND touristy fun – Travel apps help in finding amazing meals just off the beaten path in addition to warning about tourist traps verses amazing experiences.

The important thing is to make the most out of your vacation regardless if it’s a week, long weekend or a day trip.  Time is a valuable commodity and cannot be replaced, so spend it wisely.


Vacationing in Lake Geneva

If you are considering Lake Geneva, WI for your vacation be sure to visit LGCT partners for places to stay, where to eat and things to do.

Don’t forget to add Lake Geneva Canopy Tours (LGCT) to your list of activities while in the area!  Between the Zip Line Canopy Tour, High Ropes Excursion, Dual Racing Zip Line and 9 Miles of pet friendly Arbor Trails there is something for everyone – at any age.

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