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Spring is in the Air at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours!

The spring season in southern Wisconsin is a magical experience. It’s a time of transition and renewal. Spring brings back green grass, blooming flowers, budding trees, and wildlife from their Winter hideouts.

Along with its natural advantages, our spring season in Lake Geneva offers an experience unique to this time of year.

Even if you’ve hung out with us before, here are a few advantages you can expect on a Spring adventure at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours:

The Spring Weather

Spring Weather

Although springtime tends to be a bit damp in southern Wisconsin, this doesn’t mean that the weather is without benefits. There are a variety of ways the spring weather can actually be quite handy for adventure seekers.

Breezy and Mild Temperatures

Don’t let a breezy day or temperatures in the 50s slow you down! In fact, these conditions help to ward off pesky insects like flies and mosquitos from hassling you in the great outdoors.

Simply dress for the occasion with warm pants, socks, jacket, and a hat to make your springtime adventure a breeze.

Misty or Drizzly Weather

Although these conditions aren’t ideal for most people, we’ve experienced many fun and drizzly tours over the years. The misty treetops create a one-of-a-kind adventure, providing a sense of tranquility.

The biggest make or break factor on these tours is once again your attire. Be sure to don your rain gear, including boots and a poncho, to keep the moisture off and stay dry.

Ideal Spring Weather

This is the stuff dreams are made of. Sunny and clear spring weather allows us to break free from our winter ruts, and enjoy the fresh air!

There’s plenty going on in the treetops, with branches budding and birds chirping, and on the ground, with wildflowers in full bloom and animals out and about.

Just take a deep breath and fly through the pines – it’s as easy as that.

Spring Activities to Enjoy

No matter which weather conditions you prefer, we provide a variety of springtime adventures for individuals, couples, and groups to enjoy.

Zip Line Canopy Tours

Spring Zip Line Tour

With eight different zip lines, five sky bridges, and several spiral staircases, our guided zip line canopy tours offer a true “living tour” through the treetops.

These 2 to 2.5 hour adventures take you from platform to platform, surrounded by the natural beauty of southern Wisconsin lake country. (

You can expect impressive overlooks, safe and personable guides, and a 1,200 ft. long dual racing zip line as your grand finale. Time to Fly! 

High Ropes Excursions

High Ropes

This thrilling guided obstacle course offers 16 suspended challenges at heights of 18 to 32 feet above the ground.

With spring in full swing, our high ropes excursions will test your mental and physical abilities on obstacles of varying skill levels. We have capable guides to walk (or climb) you through each element, ensuring your comfort and safety at all times.

Are you up to the challenge, this spring?

Hiking/Biking Trails

Arbor Trails

Take to the woods with our 9-miles of hiking and biking trails!

Our arbor trails were built around the area’s natural topography, providing year-round glimpses of varied terrain.

Spring mountain bikers are often seen cruising along several routes, exploring the scenery and attempting our built-in obstacles (ladder bridges, jumps, switchbacks, etc.) of various difficulty levels.

Day and season trail passes are available for purchase at the welcome center.

Other Seasonal Advantages 

Spring Wild Flowers

In case you need even more reasons to enjoy our springtime adventures, here’s a few additional points to consider. 

Beat the Crowds

Since our busy season arrives in the summertime, Spring provides great opportunities to bypass the crowds and embark on private tours.

This allows your adventure to become more personally tailored to your group! 

Awesome Nature Experiences

Spring brings out the best in nature, and that means there is plenty of wildlife to be seen throughout our grounds!

Catch a family of whitetail deer, a lone red tail hawks, rabbits, squirrels, and plenty of others along your eco-adventure.


Spring is in the Air! If you’d like to book a Spring adventure, please give us a call at 262-248-9271.

*For group bookings of 8 or more people, be sure to call today, as these tour slots fill up quickly!