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Outdoors & Active: Become a Winter Weekender in Lake Geneva

As the first, fluffy layer of powdery snow floats down and settles on the ground, we officially recognize that winter is here. The next few months will feature cozy socks, sweaters, scarves, and warm beverages to drink and to hold.

Winter is wonderful at the start, but once the holidays are through, life soon becomes routine or mundane – lacking the spirit and excitement of other seasons. Because of this, we begin to seek out interesting places to visit on our upcoming vacations.

But the truth is…we still feel stuck waiting for spring and summer to arrive.

What if new experiences for yourself and your family were closer than you think? Studies show that getting active outdoors provides a wealth of health and social benefits. “Even in cold weather” – you ask? Especially in cold weather!

Become a Winter Weekender

A Winter What? A Winter Weekender – AKA someone who gets the most out of their winter season. Winter Weekenders are fun and adventurous people who love the outdoors and enjoy sharing their experiences with friends and family.

And that’s the best part – bringing others along for winter excursions helps keep bonds strong and relationships exciting. This not only improves your own wellbeing, but it’s also beneficial to those around you. Physicians are now calling these observations Eco therapy.

Getting outdoors this winter can have a positive impact on your relationships, your physical and psychological health, and your overall happiness, so what’s not to love?

Ready for a trial run? Come to Lake Geneva this winter

What if all you needed to break free from the monotony, this year, was a winter weekend in Lake Geneva? It could actually be as simple as this…

  1. Choosing a free upcoming weekend
  2. Deciding where you’d like to go, and
  3. Brainstorming ways to spend your time outdoors

For example, say you have a weekend available in January, so you decide to visit Lake Geneva and give our zip line canopy tour a try (wink, wink). We’d love if you paid us a visit!

If you’d like to consider a few alternative options, simply do a little research on Trip Advisor for ‘Outdoor Activities’ in the area.

What all can I do at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours?

You’ll find that our property is home to a variety of remarkable winter experiences designed to provide a thrilling boost to your weekend getaway. Our fun, family-friendly approach to outdoor appreciation welcomes Winter Weekenders of all ages and comfort levels.

Winter Zip Line Tours

The best thing about our most popular winter adventure is that it’s so much more than a few zip lines. We offer majestic, two-hour tours of our powdery forest, crossing a series of eight platforms with zip lines of various length and speed.

Once you cruise down the first zip line, you’ll be hooked. With two knowledgeable and friendly guides to lead the way, you’ll weave through frosty foliage, cross suspended bridges, and hike up spiral staircases before zooming down our exhilarating racing zip line.

For families or groups of friends, this cold weather activity is perfect. The reason being? Unique and shared experiences are awesome ways to bring people closer together.

Snowy Zip Line Tour - Winter Weekender
During your zip line tour, you’ll be fully immersed in the winter season. With snowy skies above and tranquil scenery below, you’ll find it’s easy to share a few laughs and leave feeling refreshed.

After all, that’s what becoming a Winter Weekender is all about.

Challenging High Ropes Course

Another opportunity to get active at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, this winter, is to make your way across our intricate high ropes course. This network of 16 suspended obstacles offers an intriguing experience for groups looking for a good, ol’ fashioned challenge.

And it’s actually a lot of fun! Our experienced guides walk you through every step and swing of the creative course, providing as much encouragement and advice as you’d like.

The high ropes experience also doubles as an alternative workout space, containing a variety of benefits in cold weather. Each element of the course provides its own distinct challenges, and there are multiple ways to master them.

Transform yourself from a Winter Weekender to a Winter Warrior! Some of the best and bravest kids and adults are nervous at the start, but you’ll steadily gain confidence and speed with each element.

Winter High Ropes
By the end, your group will be all smiles (and a little out of breath) with a great sense of accomplishment. Give the high ropes a try, and make a few memories as a family. It may prove to be just what the doctor ordered.

Hiking, Biking, and Snowshoeing

There aren’t many activities more fun than enjoying nature at your own pace. Whether you prefer to embark on family hikes, romantic snowshoe treks, or fat tire bike rides, the simplicity of these experiences are what make them so special.

Winter biking and cycling have gained significant traction in recent years (pun intended). Winter Weekenders are taking to riding snowy trails and roads more often than ever. Why? Simply because they really like it.

Fat Tire Biking as a Winter Weekender

Even Vogue, the iconic fashion magazine, has recognized this frosty trend. There are actually tons of positive health effects, such as increasing your production of brown fat (healthy fat cells that burn calories), but many folks just love riding their bikes.

For those of us to prefer our own two feet, rather than two wheels, there is certainly something therapeutic about walking or snowshoeing through the woods in the heart of winter. The world around us seems to slow down – even stop moving at times – and we can just let our minds wander with the rest of our bodies.

At Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, we have an excellent system of hiking and mountain biking trails for you to traverse – over nine miles, in fact! They bob and weave through the native trees and plant life, providing a forested frame to our 100-acre property.

For a Winter Weekender, these versatile arbor trails are terrific for a number of outdoor activities that can be experienced time and time again. Plus, if you need a pair of snowshoes, we have them available for rent or purchase at our Welcome Center.

Become a Winter Weekender

Will you join us for a winter weekend this year?

All that being said, you’re officially invited to Lake Geneva Canopy Tours! We’d love to have you out this year. To check tour times and availability, please give our Welcome Center a call at 262-248-9271.

If you’d like to discover more amazing ways to enjoy a winter getaway in lovely Lake Geneva, simply take a look at this list of top things to do once snow begins to fall. 

We’ll also be catching up with several living, breathing Winter Weekenders between the months of January and March, so stay tuned for those first-hand experiences.

Until then, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on winter excitement and events around Lake Geneva. See you outside!