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Geocaching: A modern day treasure hunt at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours

In the 1985 movie The Goonies a group of ordinary kids discover a secret treasure map leading them on an exciting adventure.  Hunting for treasure isn’t just for kids though.  Adults and kids alike have searched for various types of treasures for hundreds of years.  Sometimes it’s searching for clues to solve a mystery and other times the search may lead to actual riches.  Today, the hunt has become even more popular and mainstream with the introduction of Geocaching.  It offers an opportunity for anyone to explore new and/or familiar places all over the world -and actually find “treasures”.

Numerous types of Geocaching are available depending on your interests and experience.  Categories can include; traditional options offering a basic search and discover, mysteries and puzzles that require extra brain power, educational and event based, types supporting environmental initiatives, in addition to a variety of others.

Not sure exactly what Geocaching is?  Geocaching was born in 2000 when GPS technology improved allowing amazing accuracy in pinpointing an exact location. From this, an every evolving, community of millions worldwide has developed.  There are GeoTours, seminars, books and community groups all dedicated to the “hunt”.

Learn more about the history of Geocaching:

Getting started on your own Geocaching adventure is as simple as 1-2-3!  All you need is access to GPS device or a GPS-enabled phone and a log-in.

Step 1: Log into to find and log geocaches

We are launching multiple Geocaching locations on Arbor Day, April 29th!  To participate, enter “Lake Geneva, WI” in the search field after logging in and then look for “Canopy Cache” by LGCT listed under Geocache Name.  There are multiple caches hidden.  Try to find them all!

Step 2: Use your GPS to navigate to each geocache location.

Enjoy complimentary access to our Arbor Trails on Arbor Day, April 29th and join the hunt.

Step 3: Share your experience by signing & dating the logbook located in each Geocache, re-hide it exactly how you found it and share your experience online.

We can’t wait to hear how much fun you had!

The best part of Geocaching is that it can be done solo or in groups – even teams!  It’s also an excellent way to get a little exercise, use your wits and have an adventure along the way.

Find out more about Geocaching at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours by calling 262.248.9271 or at