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Digital Detox: Reconnect On The Zip Line, High Ropes and Team Building

In the age of technology and instant gratification, the campaign for “digital detox” is being made by more than the free spirited hippie.  Google the term and articles from the Huffington Post, the New York Times and even Forbes are talking about how to unplug and relax.  The message is basically the same; take a break from your electronics and take control of your life.   The problem seems to be that once the “break” is over, most people fall right back into their old habits.  It can be likened to a diet.  Any long term changes can only be made through lifestyle changes.

High Ropes Excursion

There are thousands of statistics available (at the touch of a smartphone) as to what, why & how.  A few examples are:

  • A human’s attention span has decreases from 12 sec. in 2000 to 8 sec. in 2013, below that of a goldfish at 9 sec. (National Center for Biotechnology information)
  • Children playing computer games & using the internet for more than four hour have difficulty developing social skills & emotional reactions. (UK Office for National Statistics)
  • Lack of face to face interaction increases chances of early death. (National Academy of Sciences)

Everyone has their “aha” moments (no, Oprah didn’t invent them) when something finally triggers change and gains a new perspective.   Sometimes it’s the realization they have missed out on life moments with family or good friends.  Other times, it’s recognizing there really IS a whole world out there.  A world you can see, hear, touch, smell, & taste.  They begin to discover that actually experiencing something first hand far exceeds anything that can be learned through secondhand comments or photos on the internet.

Team Building

Obviously, we at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours are huge advocates of unplugging, getting outside and living adventurously – it’s our business.  We see firsthand the effects of leaving electronics behind – and it’s all positive.  Participants quickly become focused and start observing their surroundings.  As a consequence, they begin to see and point out interesting aspects of nature and wildlife.  The bird’s eye view offers a different perspective which does not go unnoticed by anyone.  People also start picking up on the emotions of others in their group, encouraging those who are anxious (regardless if they knew them prior to the start of the tour).  Any uneasy moments quickly melt away allowing laughter to supersede fear.  It is abundantly clear by the end of a Canopy Tour, High Ropes Excursion or Team Building Event, relationships have deepened and unforgettable moments have turned into lifetime memories.

Spending a day with us is just one way to detox your digital habits.  We have proven (through our unofficial, unscientific study) that unplugging can:

  • Strengthen relationships
  • Increase attention span
  • Make you happier
Zip Line Canopy Tour

Hopefully, a day of adventure with Lake Geneva Canopy Tours isn’t just a quick fix diet but becomes part of a bigger lifestyle change to reconnect with the environment, relationships and yourself.  Share your digital detox story with us on Facebook!  Tell us how YOU are unplugging and reconnecting.